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Our contact information is below:

Suvorova Street 1, 89100 Volovets, Ukraine


Plant manager
Mr. Andriy Reminets
+380 (3136) 22070

Authorized quality management representative
Mr. V. Griga
+380 (3136) 24044

Personnel manager
Mr. V. Didrentsel
+380 (3136) 24580

Chief accountant
Mrs. L. Chornei
+380 (3136) 22070

Chief of logistics department
Mr. R. Bobal
+380 (3136) 22070

Microswitches production manager
Mrs. P. Kovach
+380 (3136) 22050

Skype: P.kovatch



+380 (3136) 22570

Ecological policy

We have formulated ecological policy with responsibility for our company activity, products and services. For this aim the environment management system was created as a part of general management system. Environment management system includes such parts as organization, responsibility, methodology, processes and resources for forming, implementation, analysis and actualization of ecological policy.

Our company's ecological policy establishes general direction, activity principles, as well as required responsibility level for the condition of environment. Also ecological policy determinates appropriate ecological behaviour, that is used to assess further activities.

Environment means the surroundings in which our firm functions: the air, the water, the soil, natural resources, flora, fauna, people, as well as interconnections between these components.

Direction of the firm is responsible for ecological policy determination. Floor employee realises his/her charge and responsibility for environment protection and preservation. Managers of all levels are responsible for ecological policy realization, formulation and modification.

Each employee of our firm, regardless of his/her position, has charge of persistent improvement of environment and pollution prevention.

Ecoloical policy is the basis for definition and analysis of ecological objectives and tasks.

Ecological policy is obligatory for evoryone who works on our plant, and is accessible to the public.

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