Polymer Technika Ltd.
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Our contact information is below:

Suvorova Street 1, 89100 Volovets, Ukraine


Plant manager
Mr. Andriy Reminets
+380 (3136) 22070

Authorized quality management representative
Mr. V. Griga
+380 (3136) 24044

Personnel manager
Mr. V. Didrentsel
+380 (3136) 24580

Chief accountant
Mrs. L. Chornei
+380 (3136) 22070

Chief of logistics department
Mr. R. Bobal
+380 (3136) 22070

Microswitches production manager
Mrs. P. Kovach
+380 (3136) 22050

Skype: P.kovatch



+380 (3136) 22570

Quality policy

1. High quality of our products, processes and services is the main reason of prolonged existence of our enterprise.

2. In our enterpretation, quality means the achieving of full satisfactory of our customers' demands. We use preventive, progressive and fail-safe methods to achive this goal.

3. By favouring the education of our personnel, we secure the high level or our production and processes.

4. Quality management principles are used at all structural levels of our firm.

5. High responsibility of our firm's management is the guarantee of persistent improvement of production system. Fast implementation of production system improvements guarantees its stability and quality.

6. Quality of our production is produced rather than checked.

7. Every employee is estimated by the quality of his/her work. Self-control and self-appraisal are main components of personal responsibility of every worker.

8. Cost saving shouldn't influence the quality of our production, processes and services.

9. With clearly prescribed quality objectives, we may work progressively and thriftily.

10. Quality of our firm is covered in the "Quality management system guide" according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, as well as in the ISO/TS 16949:2009 "Quality management system. Specific requirements for using ISO 9001:2008 standards for mass production of spare parts in motor industry".

11. Our quality management system is the part of integrated system which covers quality aspects, environments safety aspects according to ISO 140001:2007, as well as environmental protection according to OHSAS 18001:2007.

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