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Our contact information is below:

Suvorova Street 1, 89100 Volovets, Ukraine


Plant manager
Mr. Andriy Reminets
+380 (3136) 22070

Authorized quality management representative
Mr. V. Griga
+380 (3136) 24044

Personnel manager
Mr. V. Didrentsel
+380 (3136) 24580

Chief accountant
Mrs. L. Chornei
+380 (3136) 22070

Chief of logistics department
Mr. R. Bobal
+380 (3136) 22070

Microswitches production manager
Mrs. P. Kovach
+380 (3136) 22050

Skype: P.kovatch



+380 (3136) 22570

Hygiene and safe conditions of work policy

Hygiene and safe conditions of work policy in Ltd "Polymer-Technika" concerns all workers of our enterprise and all visitors of its territory, industrial and administrative premises irrespective of their purpose of visit.

Labour protection policy corresponds to the character and scale of risk in the sphere of hygiene and safety of our enterprise.

Labour protection policy sets a direction and defines the principles of activity, and the aim concerning necessary level of responsibility for labour protection state at our enterprise and long-term plans relative to bringing the state of conditions of work at working places to conformity with normative documents about labour protection by defining the technological process. Equipment, ensuring necessary conditions of work in industrial premises (standards of general, local vibration, noise, microclimate, lighting, conditioning and ventilation, ergonomy) by means of reconstruction, capital repairs, building and expansion of sanitary-consumer premises.

Labour protection policy is the basis of our activities, and includes the following obligations and is directed towards:

  • complex solution of labour protection tasks according to legislation of Ukraine and international standard OHSAS 18001:2007,economic and social policy, achievements in the sphere of science and engineering, and environment;

  • making appropriate, safe and healthy conditions of work, prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;

    - priority of life and health of workers, full responsibility of managers of higher and middle section for making appropriate, safe and healthy conditions of work;

  • improvement of industrial safety by means of insurance of total technical control (checking) the state of production, technologies and output, taking all preventive measures concerning safe and healthy conditions of work;

  • adaptation of working process to workers' abilities taking into account their health and psychological state, making working places for invalids;

  • informing, studying and professional training for improvement of skill in labour protection issues;

  • organization, planning, duties, responsibility, experience, method and methods, process and resources for forming, fulfillment, analysis and actualization of labour protection policy;

  • labour protection policy is a starting point in setting objects and tasks of our enterprise on the whole;

  • this policy includes duties concerning its permanent improvement, and is periodically revised according to the requirements of our enterprise;

  • use and taking into consideration world experience in organization of work relative to improvement of conditions and labour safety.

Our hygiene and safe conditions of work policy is distributed, supported and actualized as the document of integrated management system.

Hygiene and safe conditions of work policy is open for all workers of our enterprise as well as for interested party.

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