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Our contact information is below:

Suvorova Street 1, 89100 Volovets, Ukraine


Plant manager
Mr. Andriy Reminets
+380 (3136) 22070

Authorized quality management representative
Mr. V. Griga
+380 (3136) 24044

Personnel manager
Mr. V. Didrentsel
+380 (3136) 24580

Chief accountant
Mrs. L. Chornei
+380 (3136) 22070

Chief of logistics department
Mr. R. Bobal
+380 (3136) 22070

Microswitches production manager
Mrs. P. Kovach
+380 (3136) 22050

Skype: P.kovatch



+380 (3136) 22570

History of the firm

1996 - Polymer Technika Ltd. was founded as a private firm.

1997 - The first customer - Wolkraft (Germany) for which we produced levers and plastic items for timbering using thermoplastic deformation method.

1997-1998 - Installation of wire harnesses production for MERCEDES engines in cooperation with Delphi concern (Mühlheim).

1999 - Production of wire harnesses for printers in cooperation with firms
OCE and HEFRA Vrable was started. System Quality Certification according to ISO 9000:1996 specification took place at our enterprise.

2000 - Automotive switches production for RENAULT autos was started.

2001 - Automotive switches production for ROVER, LANDROVER, NISSAN autos in cooperation with english concern TRW was established.

2004 - wire harnesses modules for MERCEDES autos are produced in cooperation with HEFRA Vrable (Slovakia) and DELPHI (Germany)
- microswitches for electronic industry are produced in cooperation with CHERRY (Czech Republic)
- Wire harnesses production for OPEL car drives is started in cooperation with TRW (Germany and Great Britain) and ZF Lenkungsyteme (Germany)

2005 - start of wire harnesses production for OPEL cars where new technical processes were mastered such as cutting of wire and molding of modules were mastered.
- production of complete harnesses was implemented on MERCEDES modules production, as well as electrical test of these harnesses.
- microswitches production increases its volumes and products mix as well. At the end of 2005 more than 320 different types of microswitches are manufactured. New processes (soldering, hermetic confinement by sticking with silicon) are mastered.
- RWTUV audition confirmed the certificate of Quality System for wire harnesses production, ISO 9001:2000 certificate was confirmed for microswitches production, Quality System of automobile industry according to ISO/TS 16949:2002 was implemented and audited for wire harnesses production and microswitches production. Auditor RWTUV confirmed that microswitches production meets all requirements of automobile industry and this fact gave us the possibility to produce automotive microswitches.

2006 - The project of new microswitches types for automobile industry was implemented on the microswitches production.

- Start of a new production project - AIR BAG wire harnesses (in cooperation with AMPHENOL TUCHEL-ELECTRONICS GmbH, Czech Republic)

2007 - Environmental management system and Occupational health and safety management system according to specifications ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 was implemented in our firm. Certification according to these systems took place t in April, 2007.

2008 - Production of Vorwerk microswitches was established.

- At the beginning of June 2008 a new production subdivision was opened - TRW FORD. The new project is developed together with the specialists from Delphi, Neumarkt. This is totally new industrial and technological processes.

- Amphenol Air Bag harnesses production has a big growth of production volumes.

- Microswitches production grows in volumes. Product mix was expanded by the new types of switches for vacuum cleaners.

2009 - all our productions are guided by increasing the quality factor.

- production rates are greatly increased on DELPHI wire harnesses production at the begining of the year.

- our customer DELPHI makes a decision to transfer production facilities (Daimler, TRW - OPEL, TRW - FORD) to its own plants in Turkey.

- In 2009 total output volume of Air Bag wire harnesses production was much lower than in 2008. This is due to the fact that customer Amphenol made a decision to transfer its production facilities to another plant. Amphenol implements gradual transfer of production facilities to its own plant in Tunisis. Transfer was finished at the end of September.

- new project of production of rear-view mirror harnesses for AUDI autos was established in June 2009.

- volume of orders on microswitches production was increased in 2009.

- for casters production year 2009 is characterized by stable volume of orders.

- representatives of Bureau Veritas independent certification organization confirm the quality system certificate according to ISO 9001:2009 for wire harnesses and microswitches production. ISO 9001:2009 certificate was applied to castors production as well.

- automotive branch quality system was changed from ISO/TS 16949:2002 to ISO/TS 16949:2009.

- certification of the plant according to OHSAS 18001:2007 took place.

2010 - company's policy is directed towards increasing of quality factor, constant improvement and search of new customers.

- recertification of our enterprise according to ISO/TS 16949:2009 international standard was held by certificator Bureau Veritas on wire harnesses production and automotive switches production.

- volume of orders on rear-view mirror harnesses production decreased greatly at the begining of the year.

- management of our firm together with customer decided to halt the production of MAGNA harnesses due to its commercial impracticability.

- volume of orders on microswitches production increased at the begining of the year. Also the new automotive switches production projects were implemented.

- an international symposium "Practical aspects of modern management systems application. New versions of management systems standards" took place in Kurpaty sanatorium (Yalta). World leader of certification services, Bureau Verutas Certification was the organizator of symposium. Management of our firm took an active part in symposium programme and received certificates in conclusion of symposium. This event became an important evidence that Polymer Technika Ltd. is the only enterprise in Ukraine which introduced the Integrated management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/TS 16949 international standards.

- in the network of experience exchange with regional motor industry manufacturers a team of our engineers and technicians set off to Yadzaki Ukraine Ltd. (Uzhorod)

- reconstruction of firm's infrastructure was carried out in the network of constant improvement strategy. Facade of primary bulding and western wall of administrative building were renovated.

2011 - aimed at increasing production capacity, strengthening profitability by expanding cooperation with existing customers through the introduction of new products and finding new customers - not only in the scheme raw materials, but in the scheme - purchase - sale.

- In early 2011, a department of marketing and his work was aimed at finding new customers. Presentations were sent to 22 potential customers.

- February - successfully conducted the first supervision audit of Bureau Veritas (Bureau Veritas Certification), in which certified ISO / TS 16949:2009 for manufacturing cable harnesses and production of microswitches for automotive industry.

- June 20, 2011 successfully started cooperation with regional automobilebuildener of "WET Automotive" Vinogradov to train employees in the sharing of experience in manufacturing products used in the automotive sector.

- May - Audit Polymer Technology as a potential service provider to order concern TRW (England). According to the audit of our company was classified as "A" and started production of cable harnesses pre-launch Servo Lenkung Motorraum for Opel, which we did during the 2005-2009 years by concern DELPHI, and a new design for OPEL MERIVA. In Slovakia, the company holding HESSEL, is developing equipment and accessories.

- On August 8, 2011 was to upgrade the sharing of experience with regional automobilebuildener by LLC "Yazaki Ukraine" Uzhgorod sent a team of employees, "Polymer Engineering" experienced astringent circuit cable, as well as the direction of the employment centre.

- In November 2011 auditors from Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine conducted an audit on ISO 9001:2008, the first surveillance audit for ISO 14001:2004, second supervision audit for OHSAS 18001:2007 and confirmed compliance with requirements of the Integrated System.

- In December in order to motivate employees for suggestions on improving the effectiveness and improve the enterprise introduced a point system evaluation proposals by staff and found to exchange them for gifts.

2012 - the main areas is to stabilize the factory (about 200 employees) and the desire of expanding to 250-300 employees by the finding of new customers.

- February 2012 - the first samples of cable harnesses Servo Lenkung Motorraum for Opel were made and sent in order of concern TRW (the United Kingdom of Great Britain) for the testing and release to the serial production.

- April-June 2012- the partnership with "Tyco Electronics" Ivano - Frankivsk continued to share the experience and to help in the carrying-out of orders in time. (to 30 the enterprises employees and the centre of employment in Volovets)

- June 2012 within the framework of social policy with the support of enterprise three children were sent for making healthier to the camp Fire.

-July 2012 - within the framework of social responsibility the charitable action was conducted for the Kindergarten Nr.2. The game complex was presented to fit up the playground. Today, walking along the central street, we can hear the childrens noise on the playground. Volovets children play there.

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