Polymer Technika Ltd.
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Our contact information is below:

Suvorova Street 1, 89100 Volovets, Ukraine


Plant manager
Mr. Andriy Reminets
+380 (3136) 22070

Authorized quality management representative
Mr. V. Griga
+380 (3136) 24044

Personnel manager
Mr. V. Didrentsel
+380 (3136) 24580

Chief accountant
Mrs. L. Chornei
+380 (3136) 22070

Chief of logistics department
Mr. R. Bobal
+380 (3136) 22070

Microswitches production manager
Mrs. P. Kovach
+380 (3136) 22050

Skype: P.kovatch



+380 (3136) 22570

About Us

"Polymer Technika" Ltd. was founded as a private firm in June, 1996.
The firm is situated in Volovets town, Transcarpathian region ( the Western part of Ukraine ) at 100km distance from Ukrainian-Slovakian and Ukrainian-Hungarian boundaries and at 150 km far from Polish boundary, near international highway Chop-Lviv-Kiev. Also the international railway Prague-Kiev- Moscow goes through Volovets.

The manufacturing activity is realized through business groups AG COMPLEX HOLDING, Switzerland.

Our customers and our professional business consultants are world-famous enterprises such as: DELPHI ( Germany ), ZF ( Germany ), TRW ( England ), TENTE-ROLLEN ( Germany ), AMPHENOL-TUCHEL-ELECTRONICS ( Germany / Czech Republic ), Cherry ( Germany / Czech Republic )

Primary scope of activity of our company is the production of parts for motor and electronic industry and manufacturing of machine parts and plastic goods.

Following production is manufactured on our enterprise:

  • modules for MERCEDES engines wire harnesses
  • wire harnesses for OPEL autos ( TRW, ZF )
  • wire harnesses for airbags - Amphenol, TRW, Takata Petry, Volkswagen
  • microswitches for electronic industry ( e.g. for household appliances, elevators, transport, etc )
  • microswitches for automotive industry ( Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar autos )
  • safety sensor harnesses for FORD autos
  • harnesses for AUDI autos' rear view mirrors ( Magna )
  • headlight and wiper automotive switches ( for Renault, Rover, Land Rover and Nissan autos )
  • transport casters
  • plastic goods

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